Zelah Meyer

a9f23af5383d0a7e9d9a4c.L._V143323956_Zelah Meyer is a British author, improviser, and all-round arty-crafty type. She studied Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, but doesn’t recommend that anyone else do the same! She credits books and narrative improvisation with teaching her everything she knows about writing. She loves to learn new things, and could potentially paper at least one wall with certificates in everything from hypnotherapy to health and safety on a rail track. She currently lives in Southeast England with her husband and their son.

Novel Donations
Dimension Jumpers Wanted

Dimension Jumpers : Wanted

All Amy wants is to blend in, hide her abilities, and stay alive. She’s just met the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, he’s one of the top police agents in the capital, and she’s the top suspect for the recent killing of the king. Even more unfortunately, she doesn’t know whether she’s guilty or not. This title is a romantic fantasy short, set in an alternate universe. It is approximately 9,500 words long.

The Scholar and Her Escort

The Scholar and Her Escort

The only child of the local village squire, Selina has always thrown herself into her studies, perhaps a little too much. She knows a lot about books but not so much about people. When she receives an invitation to the Gathering of Great Minds in Trevarde, she is desperate to attend. It’s harvest time and no one can be spared from the village to escort her on her travels. Selina sees no reason why she shouldn’t make the journey on her own. Bill is a patient and good-natured gentleman, passing through Selina’s village on his way to Trevarde. The local innkeeper suggests him to the squire as a suitable protector to get Selina safely through the dangerous border lands. On hearing from her father that she is threatening to make the journey alone, Bill volunteers to escort her. Willful, smart, but too sheltered to comprehend the dangers she would face traveling alone—Selina wants to shake off the man she believes her father has hired unnecessarily. Her thoughts are on the gathering and the speaker she hopes to impress. She wants to concentrate on her studies, but when she writes Bill off as a brainless fighter, it might just lead to her most important lesson yet.

What Other’s Are Saying About Dimension Jumpers: Wanted
“This is a fun book. It hits the ground running and doesn’t let up. It is fast paced with honestly witty dialogue and a mildly sensual overtone that is neither forced nor awkward. It’s a quick, pleasant read, and the characters will linger in your mind well after the story has ended. A sequel could be justified. Just sayin’…” – Earle Howe
“The action moves the story along nicely. It’s a fun, quick read, and kept me entertained throughout the entire book.” – Piper
What Other’s Are Saying About The Scholar and Her Escort
“What we have here is an imaginary world that bears a great resemblance to Renaissance England.” – Earle Howe
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