T.L Haddix

69168baac5270a7f02358a.L._V213190989_SX200_T.L. Haddix was born in Hazard, Kentucky, a small town in the center of the Appalachian coal fields. Taught to read by her grandmother, T.L. has had a life-long love affair with books, devouring whatever she could get her hands on. From childhood favorites such as the Trixie Belden series and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House” books, to her current favorites from authors like Tami Hoag, Alex Kava, J.A. Jance and Lisa Kleypas (among many others), T.L. still finds refuge in the written word.

“Growing up, I wanted to be everything – astronaut, police officer, doctor, teacher, reporter, psychologist – there was no clear choice for me. I wanted to do it all. Becoming a writer has allowed me to do just that, because I can live vicariously through my characters.”

A resident of southern Indiana, T.L. is hard at work on her next book, when she isn’t chasing after her three cat-children with her husband.

Website : www.tlhaddix.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/tlhaddix

Novel Donations

Secrets In The Shadows : Leroy's Sins : Book One

Secrets In The Shadows : Leroy’s Sins : Book One

Book One in the Shadows/Leroy’s Sins Collection.

Life can go on after tragedy…

After surviving a traumatic attack as a teenager, as well as a disastrous first marriage, Lauren Taylor Grant is content with her life. So what if she gets lonely from time to time? With a healthy, beautiful daughter, and a successful coffee shop-cafe, the divorced single mother convinces herself she doesn’t have time for love. When she gets her first glimpse at her parents’ handsome new neighbor, though, she starts reconsidering her stance. Once Charlie Clark begins breaking through her defensive walls, Lauren finds him hard to resist.

Nothing stays hidden forever…

Just as Lauren is learning to let go of the past and embrace the future, her personal demons rear their ugly heads in the guise of a vandal hell-bent on destroying Lauren’s happiness. When another local businesswoman is brutally murdered, the investigation into the crime reveals an unexpected connection to Lauren’s past. The message is clear–the past has come calling, and it’s out for blood.

Note for Readers: This book does deal with the issues of incest and sexual abuse, more with the effects on the victims than the abuse itself. Reader Discretion Advised.

“Secrets in the Shadows” is the first book in the Shadows Collection, Romantic Suspense novels set in small-town Indiana. Other titles include “Under the Moon’s Shadow,” “Shadows from the Grave,””Hidden in the Shadows,” and “In the Heart’s Shadow.”


Under The Moon's Shadow : Leroy's Sins : Book Two

Under The Moon’s Shadow : Leroy’s Sins : Book Two

Book Two in the Shadows/Leroy’s Sins Collection

 Be careful what you wish for…

From the time she was a teenager, Beth Hudson only ever wanted two things out of life–to become a journalist for the newspaper her family owned, and to be with Ethan Moore. With the first goal marked off her list, she has no idea how to go about achieving the second, especially since Ethan himself seems determined to stand in her way. As the distance between Beth and Ethan grows, a mysterious, handsome stranger arrives in town, his presence only adding to Beth’s confusion.

When strange nighttime lights and Satanic altars start appearing across the rural Indiana county Beth calls home, she is distracted from her heartache over Ethan’s uncaring attitude. Frustrated by the lack of concern from local law enforcement and resolved to find answers, Beth launches her own investigation. What she uncovers is much more than what she bargained for.

Unsure of who to trust, Beth continues looking into the odd occurrences. As she closes in on the truth, it becomes apparent her persistence is pushing someone’s buttons in a big way. Refusing to give up before the truth is revealed, Beth’s determination to get answers could end up costing her everything–even her life.

“Under the Moon’s Shadow” is the second book in the Shadows Collection, Romantic Suspense novels set in small-town Indiana. Other titles include “Secrets in the Shadows,” “Shadows from the Grave,””Hidden in the Shadows,” and “In the Heart’s Shadow.”


Shadows from the Grave : Leroy's Sins : Book Three

Shadows from the Grave : Leroy’s Sins : Book Three

Book Three in the Shadows/Leroy’s Sins Collection.

When it comes to murder, the past is never really dead…

For ten years, Chase Hudson has carried the weight of his college girlfriend’s unsolved murder on his shoulders.  When a ghost from the past comes calling, Chase’s friends and family become the targets of a serial killer who’ll stop at nothing to make Chase suffer. Now, Chase is in a race against time to convince the authorities of his innocence, and catch the real killer.

Annie Jameson-Tucker has been burned more than once.  Afraid to get her heart broken again, she is careful to keep her lovers at a distance… until Chase Hudson manages to slip inside her walls. Terrified of being hurt, Annie has to choose whether to let Chase stay, or to close him out and let her insecurities destroy their chance at happiness.

“Shadows from the Grave” is the third book in the Shadows Collection, Romantic Suspense novels by T. L. Haddix. Other titles include “Secrets in the Shadows,” “Under the Moon’s Shadow,” “Hidden in the Shadows,” and “In the Heart’s Shadow.”


Hidden in the Shadows : Leroy's Sins : Book Four

Hidden in the Shadows : Leroy’s Sins : Book Four

Book Four in the Shadows/Leroy’s Sins Collection.

Even the good guys sometimes have secrets they don’t want revealed to the rest of the world….

For thirty years, Wyatt Dixon had worn a badge. Sworn to protect and serve, he’d done just that for the people of Olman County, Indiana. He’d even sacrificed his first marriage on the altar of the office of Sheriff. But then the blackmail letter came… And everything he’d worked so hard to build threatened to crumble around him.

Wyatt wasn’t the only one to receive a letter, either…

Fighting a deep attraction to a woman he should know better than to become involved with, Wyatt’s professional frustration also grows as the investigation is thwarted at every turn by a master extortionist who has the citizens of Olman County, Indiana, in an uproar. With decisions to make that will affect his life and the sheriff’s department for a long time to come, Wyatt has to choose – to reach for personal happiness and risk it all, or to walk away from what could be his soul mate.

Come to Leroy, and see just how dangerous small-town living can be. “Hidden in the Shadows” is the fourth book in the Shadows collection, Romantic Suspense novels by T. L. Haddix. Other titles include “Secrets in the Shadows,” “Under the Moon’s Shadows,””Shadows from the Grave,” and “In the Heart’s Shadow.”


In the Heart's Shadow : Leroy's Sins : Book Five

In the Heart’s Shadow : Leroy’s Sins : Book Five

Book Five in the Shadows/Leroy’s Sins Collection.

Detective Stacy Kirchner has given up on finding Mr. Right. Convinced a happily ever after simply isn’t in the cards for her, she focuses instead on building her career and making her small house a comfortable home to share with her cat, Chloe. Without warning, she finds herself thrust into a world filled with uncertainty and deception. Struggling to keep ahead of a malicious prankster hell-bent on destroying everything she’s worked for, Stacy is blind-sided by her feelings for dark and mysterious Galen Gordon.

After a series of devastating losses, Galen Gordon is moving forward. The former FBI agent is settling comfortably into life in small-town southern Indiana. He’s finally ready to risk losing his heart again, to reach for what he wants–a life with Stacy. All he has to do is convince her the idea has merit. That, and keep her alive in the face of growing danger.

“In the Heart’s Shadow” is the fifth book in the Shadows Collection, novels of Romantic Suspense by author T. L. Haddix. Other titles include “Secrets in the Shadows,” “Under the Moon’s Shadow,” “Shadows from the Grave,” and “Hidden in the Shadows.”


Firefly Hallow

Firefly Hallow

The mysterious recluse…

Owen Campbell holds himself apart from other people. Badly scarred from emotional wounds that have never healed, he doesn’t expect to find true love or happiness. He remains isolated in a prison of his own making, determined to not let anyone close enough to hurt him again. But his willpower is shaken to the core when Sarah Browning enters his world. The girl next door… Sarah Jane Browning is three years into her college degree when a call from home changes everything. Back at the family homestead in the heart of Appalachia, she’s forced to reevaluate her hopes and dreams for the future. Distraction from her heartache comes in the form of her parents’ neighbor. Whispers about “odd Owen Campbell” abound in their small community, and Sarah’s curiosity is aroused. When she breaks the rules and trespasses onto his land, what she finds is beyond her wildest imaginings. As Sarah struggles to overcome tragedy and loss, her burgeoning relationship with Owen is sorely tested. Will love conquer all, or will the secrets from Owen’s past tear them apart forever? Firefly Hollow is the first in a new Romance series by T. L. Haddix, author of the Shadows/Leroy Collection, a series of standalone Romantic Suspense novels. Titles include Secrets in the Shadows, Under the Moon’s Shadow, Shadows from the Grave, and Hidden in the Shadows.

What Other’s Are Saying About The Shadows : Leroy’s Sins Series

“The author is not dealing with mythical monsters, but the real ones that feed off that dark stream of malignance that runs through the heart of every idyllic American town. Living in the shadow of evil affects us all. And she tells us through the lives of her people that even the best of us are scarred. Even those who fight evil are touched by it and can never be the same.

The true mark of a good book is that reading it makes you want to read more. I was about fifty pages into this better than three hundred page book and I was already wanting the next one.” – Jesse D. Wright

“I’m enjoying this author so much it seems five stars isn’t nearly enough. Great thriller and suspense aspects and of course the romance is sigh worthy. I love a book that stays with you after you finish it and this is one which does.” – K.C Quinn

“T.L.Haddix is a wonderful writer. She kept me guessing who the bad guy was throughout the book. I loved the series – can’t wait for the next book!” – Queen Peggy

“I’ve been following this series, this is the third one I have read. I really like the way she builds the suspense, and still manages to keep the romance part of the story going. It’s nice to find old friends from the prior books as well. I highly recommend this book, and author.” – Miranda731

What Other’s Are Saying About Firefly Hallow

“Bravo! Part way through this novel I had to pause to contact the author (which I rarely do) to let her know just how much I was loving it! So, what exactly turned me into a fan girl? Being an enthusiast of southern culture, I naturally gravitated to Haddix’s desire to preserve and pass along Appalachian lore. What is unique in the telling of Firefly Hollow is it is first and foremost a historical romance, which happens to include paranormal elements.” – Bitsy Bling Books

“I fell in love with this author’s Leroy Indiana series and this book was totally different. The author kept me entertained throughout and the love story was so sweet! She really got me involved with the inner thoughts of the characters. It is a really great read and hopefully she will continue to write more of her stories of romance.” – Linda

“I felt butterflies when Sarah did and I was anxious and angry when Owen was. T.L. Haddix takes you on a journey that makes it extremely difficult to put down. Cannot WAIT for the sequel!!” – Kendra

Other Books By T.L Haddix

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