Steven Hammond

c44d6766db760a7e9d9a0c.L._V398370046_SY470_Steven Hammond is a Sci-fi/fantasy author from California. His first book RISE OF THE PENGUINS has been an Amazon Top-Seller in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. He believes that RISE OF THE PENGUINS will likely win the Pulitzer prize for best penguin fiction. He fully expects this and all future works to garner the highest praise in the literary world. By the time of his death in the year 2033 or 2047 (depending on whether or not he has that next slice of pizza), he will have amassed wealth greater than that all of the nations of this world and worlds not yet discovered.

A lifelong fan of sci-fi and fantasy, his earliest memories were that of reading Danny and the Dinosaur and Curious George. From there he took the next logical step and delved deeply into the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Watching television shows such as Lost in Space and Star Trek as a young child fueled his love for the genre. The art of Frank Franzetta adorned his walls as a youth and movies such as “The Giant Spider Invasion”, “Planet of the Apes”, “Sssssss”, just about any movie that involved Ray Harryhausen, a slew of Godzilla films and , of course Star Wars, left indelible impressions upon his psyche and can be seen in his work.

He is currently working on book 2 in the RISE OF THE PENGUINS saga titled THE ROYAL CREED and is developing artwork for his first children’s book.
Life has taught him to never take himself too seriously because that just takes all of the fun out it.

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Rise of the Penguins

Rise of the Penguins

The War of the Species has begun. An ancient race of penguin has reemerged. From this race a powerful leader declares himself Overlord and unites the penguin clans of the world. His goal: to drive the human presence away from Antarctica and to exact revenge for the atrocities of the past against penguinkind. Through shadowy alliances and manipulation the Overlord launches a full scale war against the humans. The Overlord’s tactics are ruthless even against other penguins. Those who don’t conform to the Overlord’s ideals are pressed into obedience or worse. In the midst of bloody conflict against the humans a small Chinstrap penguin, Lavour, begins to see the folly of war and questions the motives of the Overlord. But can one penguin bring an end to the bloodshed and change their course of probable annihilation and restore peace?

What Other’s Are Saying About Rise of the Penguins

“This book is simply captivating!! It has a cinematic essence that I rarely experience from a novel. The characters are very well developed and they kept me locked into the story from the first chapter! Its truly a great read, so much that I couldnt put it down! I would reccommend this to anyone and everyone that wants a truly enjoyable reading experience.” – DLAF

“Normally a story about penguins fighting humans would see the people as the heroes, but the penguin protagonists presented make you really care for them, and fear if they are going to live to end. For anyone who is looking for a new take on a old species, take the time and get this book, you wont regret it.” – Whoobs

“The story is very well told and even though the book is 700 pages the story moves very quickly. I kept telling myself I would take a break after I finished a chapter but it was difficult to put this book down. The characters are very well developed and I could not help but really care about the fate of Lavour, a chinstrap penguin and his fellow companions. If you are looking for a story that is different from the usual and very engaging I highly recommend this book.” – Newread

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