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4607b23a6b8f0ac1d1883d.L._V181694910_Stephen Hise is the founder and co-administrator of the multi-author multi-national superblog Indies Unlimited. An avid supporter of the indie author movement, he launched the site in October, 2011, as a platform to celebrate independent authors, promote networking among and between authors and readers, and to showcase the dazzling array of talent in the indie author community. Visit

Hise is an Arizona-based independent author and consultant. He has been involved in technical writing and fiction for many years. He is the author of the novel, Upgrade, a contributor to the short story anthology, Creepier by the Dozen, and contributing author with K.S. Brooks and JD Mader to the multi-genre satire, Bad Book. He is currently involved in multiple collaborative projects with other indie authors.

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What does the man who has almost everything want? Brilliant, self-made multi-millionaire BrentSchoenfeld yearns to be attractive. He’s tired of his solitary existence which he blames on his bland appearance. He wants women to want him. Skeptical but verging on desperate, he undergoes a mysterious procedure which promises to transform him into the object of every woman’s desire: a decision that will change his life

One million dollars later, Brent sees no difference in his outward appearance. Yet beautiful women are fawning over him and even competing for his attention. After decades of self-loathing, the temptation for physical validation is too great, and Brent begins a sexual juggling act with cataclysmic consequences.

Beware your heart’s desire.

What Other’s Are Saying About Upgrade

“This story is original, sexy, extremely well presented with excellent grammar and editing. Also, in addition to the clever mix of genres, the author also incorporates a serious message with this book ; be careful what you wish for , the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!
I enjoyed Upgrade from the first page to the last and I will now look forward to reading anything else Stephen Hise has to offer. He is talented to say the least!” – Sue P

“Nothing will hook me to a book faster than a hint that the plot is based on some interesting psychological aspect. I was not disappointed.
The reader will find characters that could be described as having loose morals, though they do not seem to produce any negative reaction as the surrounding society seems to adapt to them… or vice-versa.” – Alex Canton-Dutari

“The plot is unique and engaging. The characters each have a distinct personality and feel. The twist at the end is nothing short of brilliant. The story is well-written and edited. Stephen Hise has a distinctive writing style that leads to a story that flows well and keeps you turning(or clicking) through the pages.” – Brian Beem

Other Books By Stephen Hise

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