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The Eternal Gateway :  Requiem

The Eternal Gateway : Requiem

The Mage Council has been disbanded. The ruling class for a thousand years is dissolved after the War of Antiquities and technology gives rise to a new era. Kail Kelly, a young man who has spent his life on his aunt and uncle’s farm, finds himself in the middle of a desperate power grab by the last ruler of the Mage Council and a time traveling mage known as The Guardian who is trying to prevent the world from falling to darkness. Angela Atagi, the mysterious woman born a thousand years in the past who also has the unique ability to fly, is given a second chance by The Guardian if she plays her part in the prophecy. With the help of an unlikely group thrown together by The Guardian, including the captain of a prototype airship, they set about unlocking hidden powers on a journey that takes them across the world and to the edge of time.



The Eternal Gateway : The Guardian

Five years have passed since the destruction of The Eternal Gateway and the death of its guardian, Mr. Eleazar. On the run as the world’s most wanted criminals, Kail Falconcrest, along with his friends, struggle to stay one step ahead of Therion and his new weapons of war. Therion’s power reaches farther than before as Vincent, with the seductive mage Bastiana at his side, look to cement their control over the world. New allies and old enemies return. The stakes are higher than ever when The Eternal Gateway returns in part two of The Eternal Gateway trilogy.


The Eternal Gateway : Sentinel

The Eternal Gateway : Sentinel

With the loss of their twin daughters, Kail and Angela battle their grief. Camden abandons everything to pursue after Xavier Ross, a man returned from the dead. Therion controls The Eternal Gateway and begins to rebuild his power to the levels he once had during the War of Antiquities. Darkness and destruction gathers as he forces his will across time. Can one lone hero bring everyone together before the world is cast into chaos? Everything is revealed in part three of the The Eternal Gateway trilogy.

What Other’s Are Saying About The Eternal Gateway : Requiem

“From start to finish this book is a nonstop thrill ride of epic proportions.” – The Grizz

“If HG Wells had foretold the X-men, while scribbling out his frenzied notes on a Turkish manuscript in a smoky opium den, it would be almost as cool as this book.” – Kirowan

What Other’s Are Saying About The Eternal Gateway : Guardian

“The author has a way with capturing your interest and becoming emotionally invested in the characters.” – AvidReader

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