Sheila Horgan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlessed to be born into a strong Irish American family, Sheila describes herself as ‘one of ten’. Sheila raised her son, as well as a plethora of other children she calls her own, and now enjoys the title of Grandma.

When asked about her writing, Sheila states, ‘I devoted the first phase of my life to my parents and family, the second to my children, this last phase is for me. I love to write, share my somewhat skewed vision of the world, and with luck, make people laugh now and then.’

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General Information About The Tea Series

The characters in the Tea Series are people you’d like to know and part of a family that welcomes you with open arms.  More than 125,000 copies of the books in this series have been sold.  You will find that each book in the series is a fast and fun read.  Each installment is a hybrid of the traditional novel and the serial novel (each is a full-length novel and leads directly into the next installment – the series is best when read in order.)In Hot Tea, Cara O’Flynn finds herself in an unusual position.  She’s quit her job and can afford to take a few weeks to find a new career, plus, her roommate has run off and left her with an empty room to fill.  If she can just accomplish those two tasks before her mother finds out she has no income and no one to help pay the bills, she’s in good shape.

Hot Tea : Book One

Hot Tea : Book One

The problem – Cara didn’t plan for three careers in as many days nor did she anticipate the new guys that dropped in her lap.  And then there’s her sister Teagan, always helpful and funny, she can be a bit annoying at times.

When you’re Irish, all things (good and bad) come in threes.  It’s inevitable.  Cara should have remembered not to forget that part.
Cara and Teagan bring laughter, intelligence and family tradition to every experience they encounter.
Hot Tea is approximately 64,500 words.
Sweet Tea : Book Two

Sweet Tea : Book Two

Sweet Tea – the second book in the Tea Series begins right where Hot Tea left off.

Cara and Teagan are dealing with wishes come true.  The good news is that each of them has found the man of her dreams, unfortunately this is not news easily broken to their traditional mother.  Further complicating their lives, they find themselves in the middle of a serial murder investigation; worse still, Cara may have come to the attention of the murderer.
With their lives spinning slightly out of control, some of it good, some of it not, Cara and Teagan depend on each other, humor, their family and their not so common sense, to keep them going.
Sweet Tea is approximately 71,800 words
Iced Tea : Book Three

Iced Tea : Book Three

Iced Tea –  the third book in the Tea Series begins right where Sweet Tea left off.

Cara and Teagan are dealing with wishes gone awry.  The serial murderer, if there is one, is still out there.  The new guys are supportive, as is the family, but Cara and Teagan don’t want the people they love most in danger.  Knowing there is a serial murderer in your sphere of influence is disorienting.  What you do has consequences, but that doesn’t mean you see them in advance.

The crazy cop is around more than ever.  There is a wedding to be planned and although Cara has always been the organizer of the family, she’s not even kept in the loop.

Life has been spinning out of control for some time and now it’s up to Cara and Teagan to put it to rights.

Iced Tea is approximately 70,500 words

Green Tea : Book Four

Green Tea : Book Four

Green Tea – the fourth book in the Tea Series begins right where Iced Tea left off.

Cara and Teagan are more determined than ever, but determination without focus doesn’t get you very far.
There’s a wedding just days away.  A time to celebrate and enjoy family and tradition, but Cara keeps her distance as situations outside of her control threaten her in ways she is just beginning to recognize.  Things are changing quickly and Cara needs to come to terms with the fact that one of the people she loves most may not be around much longer.
Cara and Teagan finally get to the bottom of one mystery, only to find another much closer to home.
Green Tea is approximately 69,000 words
Peppermint Tea : Book Five

Peppermint Tea : Book Five

Peppermint Tea – the fifth book in the Tea Series begins right where Green Tea left off.

With complications swirling around Cara and Teagan, a cruise to Alaska might be just the opportunity they were looking for to calm things down and reconnect.
They didn’t count on things changing so much while they were gone.  One bad guy out of jail, another unaccounted for and just what did their mother do with their boyfriends?
Cara has always counted on Teagan to walk with her through the good and bad parts of her life, but even that seems to be changing…
Peppermint Tea is approximately 70,000 words
Tea to Go : Book Six

Tea to Go : Book Six

Tea to Go – the sixth book in the Tea Series begins right where Peppermint Tea left off.

Cara’s mother always told her that the things you fear most in life you draw to yourself.  One of Cara’s greatest fears seems to be coming true. Teagan has decided to move away and Cara has no idea how she is going to deal with it.
Morgan has problems of her own.  The monster she thought she’d left behind is back and more threatening than ever.
But the problem you know is easier to deal with than the one you don’t recognize.  Cara and Teagan are finding out just how sheltered their lives have been.
They would have preferred it to stay that way…
Tea to Go is approximately 63,250 words
Summer Tea : Book Seven

Summer Tea : Book Seven

Summer Tea —  the seventh book in the Tea Series begins right where Tea to Go left off.

Cara has lost count of which three she’s in.  She’s pretty sure the pregnancy three ended with Jovana’s daughter-in-law becoming pregnant.  Not sure where she stands in the mystery count.  But it’s a whole other count that she’s worried about.
As if that weren’t enough to worry about it looks like she’s going to have to empty the trunk that Bernie left her to see if there really is a mystery that needs to be solved.  That not only ruins her plans to open one small gift at a time – for a lifetime – but worse, Teagan gets her way.
One of life’s biggest lessons is perspective.  Your perspective can change in a heartbeat.  Cara is learning that life lesson the hard way.
Summer Tea is approximately 63,000 words
Traditional Tea : Book Eight

Traditional Tea : Book Eight

In the eighth book of the series – Traditional Tea – it’s Cara’s turn to support Teagan. She also has the challenge of trying to reestablish her connection with Suzi, establish a connection with Howard, Sinead’s boyfriend and track down Maeve.

If all that weren’t enough to set Cara’s world spinning, her mother, the most consistent person on the planet, has made a few changes of her own.

Right when Cara is getting all her ducks in a row…

Traditional Tea is approximately 63,000 words

What Other’s Are Saying About Hot Tea : Book One

“The Hot Tea series is wonderfully written by first time author Sheila Horgan.  Once you get started with Hot Tea and fall in love with the characters you just can’t get enough.  There is a little something for everyone in each book.  A little romance, a little mystery and a lot of fun.  You won’t be disappointed, load up your eReader and grab a cup of tea, sit outside and enjoy!  Looking forward to the next installment.” – Anna

What Other’s Are Saying About Sweet Tea : Book Two

 “I loved the series and had to have them all.I laughed out loud. These helped me keep my sanity when taking two masters courses to finish early while still working and being wife and mom. I could really identify with the sisters and friends.”
– Peggy

What Other’s Are Saying About Iced Tea : Book Three

“Am really becoming attached to this family with the very unique names. Like the boy friends too. It is so entertaining the way things keep happening to Cara. Some mixed up thinking that turns into sanity. Fun books.” –  Donna

What Other’s Are Saying About Green Tea : Book Four

“I love this whole series.  The stories are entertaining and engaging.
You become part of this wonderful family, the dynamics are so familiar to me.  I can’t wait to find out what is happening to the family members.  Take all four books on vacation with you, you will highly enjoy the stories and the fact that the stories continue from book to book much like real life.  Thanks Sheila, these are great, keep up the good work!!  Waiting for Peppermint Tea…” – Jo Ann

What Other’s Are Saying About Peppermint Tea : Book Five

“Just finished Peppermint Tea!  Was a great continuation of Cara and Teagan’s stories. I found the Tea Series by complete accident and am so happy that I did, Sheila is a fabulous writer and storyteller you get sucked in further with each novel she writes. Can’t wait for the next installment, Tea to Go!” – Unknown

What Other’s Are Saying About Tea to Go : Book Six

“I would recommend all of Sheila Horgan’s Tea Books. I can’t wait for what she publishes next. They are a light, fun, beach type read. Very entertaining.” – Cheryl

What Other’s Are Saying About Summer Tea : Book Seven 

“Unfortunately, I got this book on a weekday and stayed up half the night reading it. Fortunately, it was really worth the sleep loss. The dialogue in these books in the Tea Series is fascinating and so accurate, and you cannot come to a stopping point to quit reading. The plot is full of unexpected twists and surprises, so I am totally caught up in the people in the story. I can’t wait until there is another one!” – Wisteria

What Other’s Are Saying About Traditional Tea : Book Eight

“Each consecutive book in the Tea Series draws me further into the lives of the O’Flynn family. I feel like I’m part of their family myself at this point! This eighth book in the series is no exception.” – Deb

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