Rich Meyer

e1626dc8eda60a7f023500.L._V394520913_SX200_Rich Meyer is a freelance writer, editor and reviewer of random stuff.

He is a volunteer and member of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group, the National Lum and Abner Society, the International Jack Benny Fan Club and was a card-carrying member in good standing of the last incarnation of the Mister Ed Fan Club.

Rich’s biggest influences have been Frank Zappa, Hunter S. Thompson, William S. Burroughs, Charles Dickens, George Carlin and the Firesign Theatre. He is also an avid comic book aficionado, a fan of Mego action figures since he was a li’l spud, and a collector of classic TV and movie serials on DVD.

Rich also plays annually in the World’s Largest Trivia Contest, broadcast from his hometown of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, on a team known as Collective Foole.

Rich lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife Mona and their menagerie of furry children.

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Novel Donations

The 99-Cent Quiz Book Omnibus Edition

The 99-Cent Quiz Book Omnibus Edition

Here we go with a collection of all four volumes of the 99-Cent Quiz Book series in one easy-to-use e-book! This omnibus edition includes all 404 questions from the four original volumes (Cliffhanger Serials, Television Westerns, Comic Strips, Horror Movies) along with 40 BONUS questions about those same topics! And all for one price that’s less than buying the original four books separately! Prepare yourselves for some great fact-filled and family-friendly fun!


Comic Book Quiz : Volume Four

Comic Book Quiz : Volume Four

Here we go again into the world of comic fandom and geeks-a-plenty! This volume of the Comic Book Quiz Book features questions (and answers) on a variety of comic book characters, features and titles.

This book’s topics are:

The X-Men
Harvey Comics, including Casper and Richie Rich
The Justice League of America
Dell’s Four Color Comics series
The Fantastic Four
Showcase Presents
The Mighty Crusaders
The Tick

The questions and answers are incredibly easy to navigate. There should be a lot of nostalgia and trivia fun for comic fans of all ages!


Science Fiction Quiz Book

Science Fiction Quiz Book

Having grown up on Star Trek, Time Tunnel, the Lensmen, Harlan Ellison, Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein and b-movies, science fiction is just about one of my most favorite topics on the planet. And this easily-navigated quiz book e-book features 301 questions and answers, each with a sci-fi theme.

Books, movies, TV shows, comic books, cartoons, radio programs, comic strips and even music are fair game for these trivia questions in the Science Fiction Quiz Book, which fans of all depths and levels will find interesting and challenging!

Other Books By Rich Meyer

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The complete collection of Rich Meyer’s quiz books can be HERE

Disclaimer : Books which have been donated by an individual author, company or the like have been neither vetted nor reviewed for content and have been submitted at the discretion of the writer.  Likewise, the intellectual property of the writer is neither endorsed by nor a reflection of Authors For Wounded Warriors, the Admin, Guns ‘n’ Hoses Charity Hockey Game nor the Wounded Warrior Project.


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