Rebekah Webb

8d2b59406a790ad8956e90.L._V154960366_SY470_Car Johnson is a fictional character living in the mind of Rebekah Webb. She writes comedy, horror and anything that strikes her fancy.

Rebekah Webb (1980- hopefully a long time) was born in Los Angeles, California to human parents, which was a good thing, since alien parents would have been difficult to explain at school. She lived in Reno, Nevada for a while, then moved back to California. Nothing extraordinarily exciting happened to her in her lifetime, probably because of a lack of alien DNA. (Well, so far. She could end up a part of a super-intelligent squirrel conspiracy. You never know.)

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The Life and Times of Car Johnson

The Life and Times of Car Johnson

Car may not be a secret agent, or a mythical beast cast down to earth to save the world, but he has his own brand of adventure. With a little help from his less than conventional family including a motorcycling grandma and a sister who wants him dead but can’t quite figure out that you can’t burn someone to death with a pocket magnifying glass–Car tries to make a name for himself and find a girl as unique as he is, even if it means dating a woman who thinks she’s a butterfly. The Life and Times of Car Johnson is an insane romp through the mind of a man who doesn’t realize just how pathetic he really is. Come on a journey as Car travels the road of life, backwards and with his trusty cow fetus collection, while you ask yourself how anyone could ever think that making a home tanning kit with a flamethrower was a good idea.

What Other’s Are Saying About The Life and Times of Car Johnson

“I’ve had the distinct privilege of meeting Car Johnson!

His real-life author created an avatar for him in the virtual world, Second Life, and every Tuesday and Thursday a bunch of us sit in the Writers’ Block Cafe on Book Island and listen to Car tell us his life stories.

Car may seem bizarre but he’s also “cutting-edge” in the social arena.

He may seem insane but he’s also wise as a demented fox.

He may seem foot-loose & fancy-free and he is!!” – Alexander M. Zoltai

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