Nathalie Hamidi / Irma Geddon

f458806cb8660ad8986c11.L._V167601846_Maman d’un petit garçon né en 2005 et diagnostiqué autiste atypique à l’âge de deux ans, je me sens concernée par la sensibilisation envers le handicap de l’autisme et des Troubles Envahissants du Développement. En mai 2009, j’ai créé le site Autisme Infantile, Ressources et entraide pour rassembler un maximum d’informations et proposer une communauté d’entraide pour les parents concernés. Aujourd’hui, la plateforme accueille des milliers de personnes: parents, enseignants, professionnels de la santé, etc.

Je vous propose, parmi ces publications, de vous informer à propos de l’autisme et d’apprendre à améliorer la situation si vous fréquentez un enfant autiste au quotidien. Vous pouvez retrouver de nombreux articles sur l’autisme sur le site et les ouvrages et archives au format papier sur!

Nathalie Hamidi writing as Irma Geddon

Nathalie Hamidi writing as Irma Geddon

Thirty-something, schizophrenic, psychopath, obsessed with zombies, always sharp-witted, fan of scatophile retorts and random violence.

A few facts about me:
– I live in a house at the border of a small village in the south-west of France with my husband and two autistic sons.
– I’m what you can consider a nerdette – smart, fanatic about my favorite topics, but very socially awkward.
– I’m prone to tl;dr.
– My life is stressful and busy, and writing is my happy place, though for some reason I cannot fathom I procrastinate a lot when I have to sit down and write.
– I am obsessed with calamari, octopi and tentacles.
– I love sashimi to the point where I would marry them and have their children, and then eat them all. Unfortunately, my addiction has caused the eradication of any sort of fish in a hundred miles radius.
– I love musicals, and the thundering shrieks of my entire family are the only barrier that impedes me from turning my day to day life into one.
– I have no filter between my brains and my mouth, which means I’ll often get in trouble for saying what other people are too afraid to broach. Fortunately, I have attented a one year Krav Maga training that saves me everytime from the villagers and their pitchforks.
– I am well-known for fomenting wars against the French psycho-analysts.

Novel Donations

Autism and Autonomy At Home : Toilet Training

Autism and Autonomy At Home : Toilet Training

A parental guide to teaching autonomy at home and creating good routines for your child with autism.

Potty training an autistic child can be a real trial for parents and caregivers. Though it sometimes may seem an impossible task, it can be achieved with the right tips and set of mind.

Written by a French autism mom, where autism is unknown or mixed up with psychosis or schizophrenia, and people with autism end up in psychiatric hospitals, this book has given hope and results to desperate parents of autistic children or teenagers that had never been potty trained.


Nightmarz : Asylum

Nightmarz : Asylum

Gabrielle’s worst nightmares are becoming true and attacking her. Betrayed by her own father and committed to an asylum, she must find a way to escape, find a way to stay alive, and unravel the mysteries surrounding her curse while keeping the ones she loves away from harm.

NightmarZ: Asylum is part 1.1 of the Z Series, and is about 10,000 words long.

Disclaimer : Books which have been donated by an individual author, company or the like have been neither vetted nor reviewed for content and have been submitted at the discretion of the writer.  Likewise, the intellectual property of the writer is neither endorsed by nor a reflection of Authors For Wounded Warriors, the Admin, Guns ‘n’ Hoses Charity Hockey Game nor the Wounded Warrior Project.


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