Mindy Hardwick

f33fa34287c60a7f0235c8.L._V181782285_SX200_Mindy Hardwick enjoys writing for teens and tweens, and, sometimes, you can catch her writing contemporary, sweet romances. STAINED GLASS SUMMER is a middle grade coming-of-age novel and an EPIC Ebook Award Finalist in Children’s, and WEAVING MAGIC is a young adult romance. Mindy’s contemporary, sweet romance stories include: VINTAGE VALENTINE, LOVE’S STORMS, LOVE’S BID, and LOVE’S CHRISTMAS GIFT. Mindy runs a poetry workshop with teens in a juvenile detention. She says that her best ideas come from the teens. To find out about Mindy’s latest writing adventures, please sign up for her blog at www.mindyhardwick.wordpress.com or visit her website at www.mindyhardwick.com

Twitter : @mindyhardwick

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/stainedglasssummer

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Stained Glass Summer

Stained Glass Summer

Twelve-year-old Jasmine adores her photographer Father and wants to be an artist just like him. But when Dad abandons the family, Jasmine is sent to spend the summer with her Uncle on a Pacific Northwest Island. Soon, Jasmine is learning stained glass from island glass artist, Opal, and thinking she might just be developing a crush on island boy, Cole. But, it’s not until Jasmine finds herself mentoring another young artist that she can truly let go of her Father and call herself an artist by her own terms.

What Other’s Are Saying About Stained Glass Summer

“It’s been a long time since a book has captured and held my attention from beginning to end. However, my long dry spell ended this weekend when I downloaded Stained Glass Summer. Hardwick has created a powerful, poignant story that mixes the pain of growing up with the realization of parent’s limitations and a touch of first crush love. This book will surely appeal to girls age ten to twelve.” – “Rhay”

“Mindy Hardwick’s Stained Glass Summer is a touching coming of age story that features Jasmine, a 12-year-old artist. Immediately I felt at home among Jasmine and the Pacific Northwest island residents, where quirky characters are the norm and artists and blossoming love are exquisitely depicted as well as the stained glass art and techniques.” – L.K Mitchell

“What a beautiful book! I couldn’t put it down! The author writes beautifully and draws her characters so that we feel sad when the book ends! As someone who has visited the San Juan Islands south of Seattle for years, and owns property there, I felt the author did a wonderful job of evoking the “romantic, artistic sense” of these magnificent islands.” – Susan G. Lampe

Other Books By Mandy Hardwick

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