Mathew Reuther

f050688e97b90a7e9d9a1b.L._V396052334_SX200_Mathew’s career as an author began in 2009, was sidelined by personal tragedy until mid-2012, and is set to explode in 2013 with a race to bring out 34 products by the end of the year.

After the loss of his son, Mathew spent two years unable to bring himself to write more than a few thousand words of fiction. In 2012, while working as a freelance writer, he took a contract to ghostwrite a novel. During the process he was able to work through the pain enough to complete the work.

With the unflagging support of his wife, Bridgette, and the inspiration of his other two children, Mathew was able to get back to writing his own fiction in late 2012. By the beginning of 2013 he was perfectly positioned to begin an aggressive, and regular, release schedule.

As a long time lover of fantasy and science fiction with a secret lust for mystery, Mathew’s debut series, Dire Crimes, is a genre-breaking mix of police procedural and fantasy. The series follows Detective Griffon Dire, a homicide cop in a sprawling metropolis populated by all manner of fantastic denizens.

An introduction to the universe of Detective Dire is available on Mathew’s website.

Mathew combines his writing with being a stay-at-home dad to two young children, who he raises with his graphic-designer wife, and their loyal dog, Illy, a natural herder.

Novel Donation 

The Partners (Dire Calls 1-4)

The Partners (Dire Calls 1-4)

This bundle is perfect for those just picking up the Dire Calls series. It consists of the first four Dire Calls volumes: Day Breaks, Noon High, Sunset Ride, and Dead’s Night.

A former Army officer and a grizzled veteran police detective meet in a chance encounter which sets them off down the road towards partnership. The time they spend together closing cases in Homicide Unit forges a bond between them, inspiring the kind of friendship and respect that lasts a lifetime. Yet all good things must come to an end, and their collaboration on the Job comes full circle within this volume.
In Predawn Rescue ex-Lieutenant Griffon Dire sets out to stop a brutal assault and makes a friend in the bargain. Day Breaks follows the freshly-assigned Detective Dire on his first case with friend and mentor, Detective Hargold Thief. The events of Noon High cause Dire to question what a reasonable motive for murder might truly be. In the novella Sunset Ride, Detective Thief is running out of time to bring his oldest friend’s killer to justice, and Griffon finds himself compelled to do anything to help his partner. Even if what needs to be done means stepping over lines that ought not be crossed. A frustrated Griffon has a chance encounter on Dead’s Night which leads to his pursuit of the perpetrators of an assault on the police; yet in the heat of the chase Dire finds himself drawn into the one place in the city he can’t call for help. Finally, a newly-retired Thief and Hammersmith watchtower’s Captain Trawler drown their Midnight Sorrows and hatch a plan to bring Griffon back under control.
What’s Being Said About The Partners (Dire Calls 1-4)
“Detective Griffon Dire is reckless, bull-headed and is a firm believer in justice, and will go to great lengths to make sure it’s upheld. The ending leaves me dying to know what’s coming for Dire!” – Runsforcoffee
Other Books By Mathew Reuther
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