Lynne Cantwell

3dde8f480fa20ac1d18840.L._V154044243_SY470_Lynne Cantwell has been writing fiction since the second grade, when the kid who sat in front of her showed her a book he had written, and she thought, “I could do that.” The result was “Susie and the Talking Doll,” a picture book illustrated by the author about a girl who owned a doll that not only could talk, but could carry on conversations. The book had dialogue but no paragraph breaks.

Today, after a twenty-year career in broadcast journalism and a master’s degree in fiction writing from Johns Hopkins University (or perhaps despite the master’s degree), Lynne is still writing fantasy.




Novel Donations

Seized : The Pipe Woman Chronicles : Book One

Seized : The Pipe Woman Chronicles : Book One

Naomi has a pretty sweet life. Respected as a skilled mediator, she has an almost uncanny knack for getting people on both sides of a dispute to agree. And her handsome boyfriend Brock has just proposed to her. But a white buffalo calf is bowing to her in her dreams. And who is the Native American man who has been following her around? Naomi doesn’t know it, but things are about to change….

What Other’s Are Saying About Seized : The Pipe Woman Chronicles : Book One

“The characters are entertaining, intense, funny, and quirky (or as Naomi would say, “woo-woo”). It’ll be interesting to see where the author is going to take the story from here since it’s lined up that it can really go anywhere!” – Jess of From Me to You

“The author clearly knows her subject very well, and the Native American mythology was very interesting without being heavy-handed.” – Shara Lunison

“Each character in the story is well developed and plays an important part in the development of the plot. I loved the way this story challenges all belief systems, this author has taken this on in a grand scale. The dialogue is realistic, entertaining, and humorous at times. I found it very easy to suspend my disbelief and become immersed in the story. I am excited to see where she takes us as this story continues to build in its ever-widening scope. Well done, Ms. Cantwell, well done. I think I have found a new favorite fantasy author.” – Wazithinkin

Other Books By Lynne Cantwell

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