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5512563856dc0ad8986c71.L._V192138168_Laura Lond is an internationally published author of several novels and a collection of short stories. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Having worked for 2 years at a literary museum, Laura entered the world of business, working for large international corporations like Xerox Ltd. and Fluor Daniel. After moving from Europe to the United States, she has been self-employed as a freelancer.

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The Dark Elf of Syron : Books One, Two & Three

The Dark Elf of Syron : Books One, Two & Three

His power is great. The price he has paid for it and the pain he carries are even greater. “The pain takes over sometimes,” as he puts it. He can be ruthless then. However, he still has a heart. He is learning to let it beat once again.

This is a combined edition of Books 1-3 of the Dark Elf of Syron series of fantasy novellas. It is approximately 41,000 words

About The Prisoner : Book One

Captain Torren, the warden of the Dormigan Prison, knows that the mysterious Prisoner 34 is much more dangerous than the authorities think. Torren does his best to guard him, going so far as to break some of his orders, but the new governor’s sudden wish to personally inspect the prison threatens to destroy the shaky balance the warden has achieved. Will the Prisoner comply and help Torren through the inspection? What will he ask in return? And will he keep his word?

About The Knight : Book Two

Renown and knighted for capturing the fearsome Dark Elf of Syron, Sir Fredric has nagging doubts about his victory. His brother Malgrid’s drunken remark strengthens dire suspicions. Was it all some devious scheme? Fredric has enough enemies who would want to compromise his honor, especially with the prestigious Jewel Quest coming up.

It seems that there is only one person who can possibly shed some light on the situation—the Dark Elf himself. But will the captured enemy speak? Will Fredric discover the truth before a plot far more elaborate and danger much greater than he realizes take his life?

About The King : Book Three

King Gelleran is facing a dilemma. The dangerous dark elf he holds captive and uses as his protection from the neighboring country of Kerbia has drawn the attention of Welmar, a kingdom even more powerful. The Welmarians have offered a generous sum for the prisoner; refusing the offer could mean war.

As the king tries to find a way to handle this, he learns a devastating news: things are not as they appeared, and the prisoner he thought securely jailed is playing a game of his own, threatening vengeance if it’s not played by his rules.

What Other’s Are Saying About The Dark Elf of Syron : Books One, Two & Three

“Interesting story which shows the strength of the “Dark Elves” and shows how they came about and the cost involved with becoming one.” – Roadway2000

“I enjoyed reading “The Dark Elf of Syron” so much that I had a really difficult time putting the book down. It’s very well written and I’m looking forward to reading additional books in the series.” – JLW

“I enjoy Laura Lond’s writing style. I especially like how her character development seems to happen effortlessly. I also like the way the characters resonated with me.” – J. Fleming

Other Books By Laura Lond

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