Kate Thompson, Charles Thompson, LC McGee, Gwen Knechtel & Catherine Kigerl

5 Northwest Authors … 13 stories … 1 stunning collection

dcd74678bc120a7f02359b.L._V399360346_SY470_Kate lived on the Oregon coast for years. She enjoyed the ebb and flow of daily small town life, the independent spirit there, and the dramatic and ever-changing landscape. She’s enthralled by treasure hunter stories and pirates, pioneer women, UFOs and Bigfoot.

Her novella, The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son, and short story, Hannah’s Treasure, are 2 of the 13 stories in New Halem Tales Secrets. Kate is currently at work on Tied by Water, a novel of two childhood friends whose lives aren’t turning out the way their parents had planned and a third novel, Family of Forgetters, a story of a 12 year old girl and her 14 year old sister who leave Denmark and set out for America in the 1800s.
Kate lives outside of Seattle now where she is surrounded by mountain ranges and the great Puget Sound.

“The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son”

Astra Billings, New Halem’s sheriff, doesn’t like secrets. She wants her mother, Maggie, to give up the secret she’s kept for the last thirty years. But Maggie isn’t budging and until Astra convinces her to come out with the truth, Astra will remain the Alien her mother says she is. Maggie is more concerned about finding her daughter a good man. But Astra doesn’t want a matchmaker mother. Astra doesn’t need a man. She lives with her best friends, the Newfoundlands, Hey Girl and Good Boy. She likes her job, owns her home. She’s happy. Happy enough.

The FishWrap Bugle has a new editor, Matthew Charles, and he’s never set foot out of the state of Kentucky. He and his dog, Samson, along with the irritable cat, Bartholomew, are starting a new life in New Halem. A life that has no past, has no God or enemies or women. With his secrets two-thousand miles behind him, he’ll be happy enough.

When Astra meets Matthew, they set off on a journey where they learn the past has a way of coming full circle and the best laid plans go wrong. When secret keeping brings about unintended consequences, their worlds spin out of control

The world is so unpredictable. This journey will change theirs and in the end, they just might discover if happy enough is truly happy.

009af20c3b180ad8976faf.L._V396955628_SX200_Charlie teaches Health Science courses at a community college in Washington State. He entertains himself and his students with stories from his experience from two careers, healthcare and community newspapers. He is a contributing author in New Halem Tales Secrets, 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors, with the story of a newspaper publisher who chooses to keep secrets and the trouble that ensues.

914573efaaad0ad8956e54.L._V397428694_SX200_Catherine is a contributing author to New Halem Tales, Secrets. Her first book of poetry, Stirring up the Water (under the name Cat Ruiz), was published in 2008 by Salt Publishing Ltd, Cambridge UK. The Further Adventures of the Parking Lot Prophet and a second collection of poems are in the offing. A college instructor in the Humanities, Catherine holds dual Canadian-USA Citizenship and resides with her husband in Washington State.

New Halem Tales Secrets also includes work from authors 

  • Gwen Knechtel
  • LC McGee


Contact the authors:

Website: http://www.newhalemtales.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/5nwauthors
FB: http://www.facebook.com/5nwauthors
Blog: http://www.5nwauthors.com/blog.html

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New Halem Tales Secrets : 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors

New Halem Tales Secrets : 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors

13 Stories from 5 NW Authors

Everyone in New Halem has a secret and a story. This village on the Oregon coast, nestled around a bay at the base of a mysterious mountain, is a strangely exciting fictional place created by a group of writers living in the great Pacific Northwest. While the stories are all set in this quirky community, each one gives a new perspective to the lives and secrets of the townspeople.

William Cooke, the new publisher of the FishWrap Bugle, moves into the village to escape the attention that comes with winning a lot of money. His secret financing of a controversial county project complicates a new romantic relationship.
Don’t Let Them Know by Charles Thompson

The Parking Lot Prophet, a mystic who lives in his truck and camper in a park by the sea, is pulled into the secret of Miss Linny Jones and a pair of jeans that fell out of a denim blue sky in her dahlia field that appear to have a life of their own.
Those Demon Denims! by Catherine Kigerl

Adele Delacruz, a single mom, moves to New Halem to start over. She buys the bookstore and convinces her brother-in-law, Daniel and his partner, Drew, to open a restaurant. They struggle to fit into small town life that wants to keep their family relationships a secret.
In Which Relationships Are Key by Gwen Van Hout Knechtel

Kevin McLeod stops on his way to a new job in New Halem to revisit a place where an erotic liaison took him through time to a strange cave and continues to pull him into a violent past filled with pirates, hostile natives and treasure. The Cave by L C Mcgee

Sheriff Astra Billings wants to know who she is. Her mother claims she was fathered by an asteroid that crashed through the bedroom roof. Astra’s budding romance with a handsome newcomer, Mathew, is threatened by deadly secrets that follow him from his West Virginia past.
The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son
a novella by Kate Thompson

There are eight other stories of New Halem folks: reporters, a troupe of actors, a fortune teller, a panty bandit, Glenda Gadabout and more. Everyone in New Halem is looking for friendship and solace, a fresh start, truth and forgiveness, true love and safety. Come visit New Halem with us. You may unravel the secrets held in the village or, perhaps, find its treasure.

What Other’s Are Saying About New Halem Tales Secrets : 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors

“New Halem doesn’t exist. Too bad because right from the beginning I wanted to move there! Snapshots from the life of interesting characters that earn a spot in this book.” – Maria of Arcadia

“It was a fun read with many characters from different authors slowly converging to a fast finish. Love the bits of fantasy and interesting characters. Especially liked the local Northwest feel.” – Susan L. Fitzpatrick

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