John Pearson

d3b8c0a398a0c2ab429b1210.L._V192614326_John Pearson was born just outside of Washington, DC, but moved to Texas as quickly as he could. Growing up with a passion for science, math, and calculator watches, he obtained engineering degrees and basketball (watching) accolades from Duke University and Texas A&M. His first job out of college was designing small solid-state heat pumps, where his cubicle simply was not big enough to contain him. When the engineering market went sour, he decided to try his hand as a teacher, and he has been teaching math to 3rd and 4th graders ever since.
When he’s not teaching, he’s reading, blogging, or making YouTube videos like “Darth Vader Explains the Pythagorean Theorem.”
His first book, Learn Me Good, was born of the baptism-by-fire nature of Pearson’s first year as a teacher.
His second, Learn Me Gooder (a sequel, can you tell?) practically wrote itself after 7 years of teaching third grade.
His latest is a foray into the world of Fantasy Football. I Coulda Caught That Pass! (a true story about fake football) details one season in the National Football Liquors, his fantasy football league.
His son Drew was born in May of 2012, so books about fatherhood and cluelessness may very well be on the way soon!


Twitter:  @learnmegood


Novel Donations

Learn Me Good

Learn Me Good

Jack Woodson was a thermal design engineer for four years until he was laid off from his job. Now, as a teacher, he faces new challenges. Conference calls have been replaced with parent conferences. Product testing has given way to standardized testing. Instead of business cards, Jack now passes out report cards. The only thing that hasn’t changed noticeably is the maturity level of the people surrounding him all day. Learn Me Good is a hilarious first-person account, inspired by real life experiences. Through a series of emails to Fred Bommerson, his buddy who still works at Heat Pumps Unlimited, Jack chronicles a year-in-the-life of a brand new teacher. With subject lines such as “Irritable Vowel Syndrome,” “In math class, no one can hear you scream,” and “I love the smell of Lysol in the morning,” Jack writes each email with a dash of sarcasm and plenty of irreverent wit.


I Coulda Caught That Pass! (a true story about fake football)

I Coulda Caught That Pass! (a true story about fake football)

There is something to be said about fantasy football. That something is that it is not for everybody. Those who love it, love it. Those who hate it, hate it. Those who don’t care are called spouses. The name alone conjures up a hybrid image of ESPN and late night Cinemax. But no, this fantasy is not of the erotic type. It is fantasy in the sense that it is the only way most of us would ever be even remotely involved in professional athletics. The first recorded season of fantasy football occurred in 1976, when a young man named… OK, you know what? I have no earthly idea when fantasy football officially started, and I really have no inclination to look it up. That’s not what this book is about. You aren’t going to find the history of the game here. You won’t find advice for how to start your own league or tips for drafting a dynasty. You definitely will not find any ways to sharpen your managerial skills. In fact, there’s a good chance you won’t find any skill at all in this book. Instead, what you will find is an inside look at one fantasy football league. A fly-on-the-wall perspective of ten scrappy managers/everyday Joes – more obsessive than some, less obsessive than most. A touching story of one triumphant champion and nine complete losers. Prepare to step into history. And by “history,” I mean “completely unspectacular events that have happened in the recent past.”

What Other’s Are Saying About Learn Me Good

“…the author’s love of his new-found profession comes shining through in this light-hearted book.” – D. Figueroa

“John Pearson has managed to put his wry sense of humor into the book, Learn Me Good. For anyone who has spent their days working with elementary-school students, many of these situations will seem familiar — but funnier because of John’s writing style. For those whose only experience in elementary school classrooms was the period of time that they were in elementary school, John’s emails describing his life as a teacher will give insight into what teachers really do all day long.” – Deborah Diffily

What Other’s Are Saying About I Coulda Caught That Pass! (a true story about fake football) 

“This book gets it. And if you are a fantasy sports player or know of one, this book understands your crazy addiction, speaks your language, and gives credence to what some would call looney behaviors.” – M. Reed

“If you like, play or know anything about fantasy football or even if you’re a fantasy football widow (i.e your significant other plays it). This book is freakin’ hilarious.” – Voracious Reader

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