Jay Allan

I currently live in New York City, and I’ve been reading science fiction and fantasy for just about as long as I’ve been reading. My tastes are fairly varied and eclectic, but I’d say favorites are military and dystopian science fiction and epic fantasy, usually a little bit gritty.

I write a lot of science fiction with military themes, but also other SF and some fantasy as well. I like complex characters and lots of backstory and action. Honestly, I think world-building is the heart of science fiction and fantasy, and since that is what I’ve always been drawn to as a reader, that is what I write.

I’ve been an investor and non-fiction writer for a long time, a fiction author more recently. When I’m not writing I enjoy traveling, running, hiking, reading. I love hearing from readers and always answer emails. I think you stop growing as a writer if you stop listening to readers.

Among other things, I write the bestselling Crimson Worlds series.

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Novel Donations

Marines : Crimson World 1

Marines : Crimson World 1

Erik Cain joined the marines to get off death row. The deal was simple; enlist to fight in space and he would be pardoned for all his crimes.

In the 23rd Century, assault troops go to war wearing AI-assisted, nuclear-powered armor, but it is still men and blood that win battles. From one brutal campaign to the next, Erik and his comrades fight an increasingly desperate war over the resource rich colony worlds that have become vital to the economies of Earth’s exhausted and despotic Superpowers.

As Erik rises through the ranks he finally finds a home, first with the marines who fight at his side and later among the colonists – men and women who have dared to leave everything behind to build a new society on the frontier, one where the freedoms and rights lost long ago on Earth are preserved.

Amidst the blood and death and sacrifice, Erik begins to wonder. Is he fighting the right war? Who is the real enemy?

The Crimson Worlds Series:Crimson Worlds II: The Cost of Victory – Available Now!

Tombstone: A Crimson Worlds Prequel – Available Now!

Crimson Worlds III: A Little Rebellion – December 2012

Crimson Worlds IV: The First Imperium – March 2013
What Other’s Are Saying About Marines : Crimson Worlds 1
“The book was action packed from beginning to end. I did not want to put it down until finished. The ending set up the sequel to where I can’t wait to read it.” – TNReader
“Jay Allan has created a plausible scenario as a setting for human conflict in the 23rd century and his book explores what ground combat could be from several levels. In my mind, “Marines” compares well with one of my all-time favorites, Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers”.” – JAJ
“Pure Space Opera, …and well written.” – PaulyDP
Other Books By Jay Allan
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