Jan Strnad

ed4b4fbcdf570a7f0235ee.L._V392539192_SY470_Jan Strnad contracted the writing bug as an adolescent when he typed out the short story, “The Available Data on the Worp Reaction” by Lion Miller. Looking at the typewritten pages, he thought, “I can do this!” and determined that, when the time came, he would make his living as a writer.

He began his professional career by writing comics, then moved from his home town of Wichita, Kansas, to Los Angeles where he became a staff writer for Disney Television Animation. He worked for most of the Hollywood studios, including Sony/Columbia, Warner Bros., Universal, MGM and others before turning his attention to becoming a novelist.

His first published novel was “Risen,” a supernatural thriller, now out of print, which has been resurrected as an ebook. With his second novel, “The Summer We Lost Alice,” he went directly to self-publishing through Amazon.

He is a lover of dogs, estimating that a hundred or more dogs have passed through his household, most of them as fosters awaiting adoption. He has an inexplicable fondness for 1950s science fiction movies and is fascinated by the workings and failings of the human brain.

Novel Donation

The Risen : A Supernatural Thriller

The Risen : A Supernatural Thriller

Previously published as a Pinnacle Book under the pseudonym J. Knight.

Synopsis: The residents of a small town find that the secret to immortality is murder.

Welcome to Anderson. It’s quiet here and that’s how we like it. Except….

Madge Duffy sliced her husband’s throat last week. Thought she killed him, but then John walked out of the morgue none the worse for wear.

The new preacher’s calling it a “miracle,” but I don’t know. It isn’t right.

I think there might be other people coming back, too.

Like Deputy Haws, for one. He’s got a bullet hole in his one good shirt and he won’t talk about it.

You know Peg Culler down at the diner…the one with the little girl on life support? Well, she’s talking about pulling the plug, and nobody ever thought she’d do that, not in a million years. She thinks it might be the only way to get her back.

Then there’s that gang of kids that hangs around the reservoir…not one of them can look you in the eye without breaking into a cold sweat. They’re keeping a secret, and it’s got them all on edge.

Something’s going on in this town of ours, something that makes your skin crawl and your teeth grind in the night. I don’t know what it is, but I know this:

It scares me.

What Other’s Are Saying About Risen : A Supernatural Thriller

“Well written, great cast of characters and very engaging storyline.” – Keith E. Hammer

“Come to the small average town of Anderson and meet the RISEN. It will be hard to get them out of your mind. A must-read.” – J. Huff

“Risen is a chilling novel that left the hairs on my arms stand on end. It kept me biting my thumbnails long after I turned the last page!” – Louise Klement

Other Books By Jan Strnad

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