J.C Rainier

37583358eed30ac1d188ba.L._V395941815_SY470_J.C. Rainier is product of the Pacific Northwest, born in the Seattle area in 1978, and living in the Puget Sound area his whole life.  He is the younger of two children in his family, and his older brother proved to be a giant pest up through his teenage years (as siblings tend to be).

J.C.’s parents were both educators working at the middle school level, and he married into another family of educators.  In his family, counting in-laws, there are now two retired principals, two retired teachers, a retired school counselor, and an active science teacher.

In his youth, J.C. read quite a lot.  The Call of the Wild was one of his early favorites, and into middle school he began to devour other books such as Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series.  Unfortunately, J.C. developed a form of dylexia that made reading from the page of a book difficult.  It was later discovered that the curvature of the page itself caused the issue, and the advent of the eReader (with its perfectly flat screen) has allowed him to once again enjoy reading as he used to.

He enjoys both indoor and outdoor pursuits including computers, cars, and camping.  J.C. and his wife enjoy hockey, and set aside time several times each season to watch the local WHL franchise.

J.C. and his wife are raising three boys, including a set of twins.  If his blog ever fails to make sense, he’s probably had a very long night just prior to writing it.  If said writing is just a random set of characters similar to ” adsk,wr3.1″, then one of the children has managed a surprise  attack on his laptop.

Visit J.C Rainier’s website : http://jcrainier.com

Twitter : @JCRainier

Facebook : www.facebook.com/JcRainier

Novel Donations

Columbus : Flight

Columbus : Flight

In the near future, bitter nuclear conflict has brought the world to the brink. As the United States begins to lose control of its territory to foreign invaders, Dr. David Benedict launches six thousand refugee colonists using three sleeper ships from Project Columbus, a decades-old government exploration venture. Their destination: Demeter, a suspected habitable planet orbiting a nearby star. Yet the launch is only the beginning of their perilous journey. When a divisive conspiracy surrounding Project Columbus is discovered, members of each crew must face the fallout. Lt Haruka Kimura, a navigator on one of the ships, must defend herself against accusations stemming from her father’s treason. Eighteen year old Cal McLaughlin struggles to reconcile why his own father would make the ultimate sacrifice and send him to the stars, completely alone. Computer specialist Lt Darius Owens is thrust into the uncomfortable role of peacemaker when the arrest of the conspirators induces discord in the ranks. But when a young crew member dies in stasis, they must work to stave off threats that could kill every innocent man, woman, and child aboard the ships.



Columbus : Ashes (Project Columbus)

Columbus : Ashes (Project Columbus)

In the wake of a terrifying awakening, the refugees of sleeper ship Raphael find themselves strewn across an island, far from their intended landing zone. The planet Demeter proves at once fascinating and deadly as Captain Kimura struggles to recover supplies scattered by the crash while reuniting the survivors—both military and civilian—in order to protect them from nature, and each other…

The revelation that Raphael has been destroyed leaves the crews of Michael and Gabriel at each others throats. In the face of a near war between the vessels, Lieutenant Owens desperately works to repair the rift between the commanders. His success may hold the key to saving the mission. As he races to avert a meltdown, Darius comes to realize that the consequences of failure are too great to consider…

Cal McLaughlin awakens brittle, having been weakened by decades of nightmares. In spite of his hardships the young man is determined to try to make himself useful once more. His condition rouses distrust in many, and a fateful outburst at an inopportune moment leaves the entire outcome of the mission in jeopardy…

What Other’s Are Saying About Columbus : Flight

“This new world is easy to visualize, and the reader is able to catch up quickly to this new reality. The characters are well-drawn and engaging. The reader believes that these are flesh and blood people and so we care about them and what happens to them.” – Karie Hoskins 

“This novel (the first in a trilogy) starts you out in the action, with a Red-Dawn-esque invasion of America, and then launches you (literally) into space on a journey of desperate hope for survival.” – Mathew Ruether 

What Other’s Are Saying About Columbus : Ashes

“The ending is a bit more rounded-off in Ashes than it was in Flight. There’s obviously a lot to wonder about, and a definite “what’s going to happen in Demeter” question . . . but it’s not quite the same post-calamity mess that Flight left us with, and for that I’m honestly thankful. I’d rather not wait another six months tugging on my hair.” – Mathew Ruether

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