David Y. B Kaufmann

1359719959David Y. B. Kaufmann has triangulated the country, having been born in Seattle, grown up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and finally settling in New Orleans. He and his wife Nechama have seven children. He has taught for over 35 years and has a Ph.D. in English. He is an eclectic author, having written scholarly articles on Mark Twain,Jane Austen and Narrative Closure as well as hundreds of essays on a variety of topics. He has edited several chess books (having been an active player and teacher), as well medical texts and legal briefs. He has translated works of Jewish thought and co-authored the email-written memoir, Judaism Online: Confronting Spiritualityon the Internet, with Shoshana Zakar. His fiction includes, Trees and Forest: A Mystery and The Silent Witness (YA), both set in New Orleans, as well as  the Scotch and Herring Mystery series, set in 1950s Brooklyn.

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Novel Donations
Trees and Forest : A Mystery

Trees and Forest : A Mystery

Leslee Vitolsik thinks she’s just struggling against life: dealing with manipulative divorced parents, making grades that’ll get her into med school, scrounging tips at the Torre Reppeto to pay her bills, wondering if she’ll ever have a social life. Tamryn Aronstein just wants to enjoy her life: get decent grades, keep her parents happy, have fun in her sorority. Kyle Birzi just wants to make money, lots of it: as a stockbroker by day; at an off-the-books auto shop after hours, where he’s known as “Skizzer”; and as a dealer whenever he can.

But when Skizzer does a hit-and-run on one of Tamryn’s sorority sisters, their lives begin to intertwine: Leslee becomes the perfect cover for Skizzer’s deals, Leslee and Tamryn, a daily visitor to the Torre Reppeto, begin an awkward friendship; and once Skizzer suspects Tamryn knows his secret, he decides on a repeat performance to end the threat.

Yet for Leslee, a 300 year old act of kindness may make all the difference in the world.

Rampage of Rodger Avenue : A Herring and Scotch Mystery

Rampage of Rodgers Avenue : A Herring and Scotch Mystery

1958 Brooklyn. A Jewish pawnshop ransacked – on the Sabbath – and its owner hospitalized. To help solve the case, newly assigned detective James McCallum calls on his boyhood friend Rabbi Drew Aldala. Their friendship began, ironically, because their fathers were on opposite sides of the law. And now McCallum, to repay a debt, must turn a rabbi into a detective. Rampage on Rogers Avenue is the first in the Scotch and Herring Mystery series.

What Other’s Are Saying About Trees and Forest
“Trees & Forest reminds me of a Stuart Kaminsky book. The novel interweaves the lives of an unlikely combination of people in a vivid portrayal of post-Katrina New Orleans, bringing them together for a murderous denouement.” – Paul Levitz, former President and Publisher of DC Comics
Great Characters! Great prose! Great Story! David Kaufmann captures New Orleans, captures mystery, and captures your mind from the moment you open Trees and Forest until the very last page. I dare you to not read it in one sitting! Keep em coming, David. Can’t wait for your next!” – Richard Doetsch
What Other’s Are Saying About Rampage on Rodgers Avenue
“Part of the fun of old Brooklyn was the literal intersection of neighborhoods filled with specific immigrant groups, before NY went from a melting pot to a mosaic of uncountable tiles. In Brooklyn, the crossed paths created plenty of mis-communication, and lots of great friendships. Kaufmann captures the times well, an offers a nice puzzle as well.” – Paul Levitz
Other Books By David Y.B Kaufmann
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