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0735417d93c80ad8986c43.L._V150232852_Daphne Dangerlove is a writer at heart and a trainer by profession. After spending years writing manuals for the human resources department at work, she finally decided to write a guide for something she loved to do in her spare time: writing. Her first book was a dinky little pdf for her writing group, outlining the finer points of writing romance. It’s popularity led her to the world of Self-Publishing.

As a member of Generation X, she immediately sought a book to tell her exactly what to do to get her first eBook on Amazon. Instead of one book, she found dozens. None of them provided a comprehensive guide to the entire Publication process though. Tired of scrambling around for the answers she needed, she put them all in one book and the Self-Publishing Toolkit was born.

Now that her Human Resources job is a thing of the past, Daphne spends her non-writing time reading great books, knitting beautiful things and swimming with her kids in Southern California. Her Dad is glad that B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara he paid for is finally getting some use. The Self-Publishing Toolkit is her fourth non-fiction book.

Get a free Self Publishing Resource Guide at http://theselfpublishingtoolkit.com/get-guide/

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The Self Publishing Toolkit : How to Publish & Sell Kindle eBooks on Amazon

The Self Publishing Toolkit : How to Publish & Sell Kindle eBooks on Amazon

The Self Publishing Toolkit is your personal publishing guide; taking you from publication through promotion and ultimately to profit. No stone has been left unturned.  This book was specifically designed with fiction writers in mind—so if you’d rather write than promote, this is the book for you.
You get step by step instructions for:

  • Creating a Personal Promo Kit (This is a major time saver.)
  • Formatting Your Book for Publication
  • The Entire Publication Process (with tips to make it easier)
  • Building your website (Even if you are non-technical to the extreme.)
  • Setting up your Blog
  • Running a successful KDP Select Promotion (Checklists included!)

For a complete Table of Contents, click just click the book cover at the top left of the page to “look inside.”
Take the Stress Out of Self Publishing an eBook
The Self Publishing Toolkit targets every task you need to accomplish, breaking them down into easy to follow steps with companion Worksheets and Checklists.
Consider it your one-stop shop for understanding:

  • Keyword research for fiction writers
  • SEO and how to make it work for you.
  • Amazon categories
  • The formula for a great book blurb
  • Why you need an email list and what to with it once you have it

Bonus Workbook!

Kindle Self-Publishing isn’t hard, but it is detailed. That’s where the Self-Publishing Toolkit Workbook comes in. It’s packed with everything you need to quickly and efficiently complete all of the tasks laid out in the Self Publishing Toolkit. You’ll improve your workflow and have easy to reference Worksheets that will come in handy throughout your publication and promotion process. And best of all? It’s yours free.
Contents include:

  • Goal Setting Worksheets
  • Kindle Direct Publishing Select Promotion Checklist
  • Complete Publication Checklist
  • Write Your Bio Worksheet
  • Book BlurbWorksheet

Resource Guide

There is also a bonus Resource Guide containing every single link, recommended resource and tool from the entire book. No more hunting through pages of text to find the tool that you need.  Everything is right at your fingertips, organized by topic so it’s easy to find. The Resource Guide is included at the end of the Self-Publishing Toolkit as well as a separate PDF download at theSelfPublishingToolkit.com.

What Other’s Are Saying About The Self Publishing Toolkit : How To Publish & Sell Kindle eBooks on Amazon

“This is the most comprehensive source of information on Self-Publishing available. The format is so easy to follow, the links are accurate, and the directions are bang-on.” – Gerry Rodgers

“This book is intense as it covers every last detail you will ever need to help produce your book, prepare it for Amazon to sell.” – Gary Wiley


Other Books By Daphne Dangerlove

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