Christopher Bunn

63cb7386e2440a7e9d9af9.L._V376169308_Christopher Bunn graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois with a Master’s degree in TV/Film Production. After several years working in the UK on dramas and documentaries, he worked for Big Idea Productions in Illinois, producing children’s DVDs and video games. It was there, during a snowy Chicago winter, that he began writing stories. Finally succumbing to the allure of better weather, he moved back to his home state of California where he has been ever since, writing books, film scripts, composing music, and working on a farm.

In addition to his time in media production, he has spent many years working around the globe in various countries. He ran a post office in a United Nations refugee camp in Thailand, done construction in the Amazon, worked in an orphanage in the highlands of Ethiopia, caught malaria in Kenya, done post-hurricane demolition in Hawaii, and worked the nightshift in a shoe factory in Israel.

Of all the jobs he’s had, the best by far is being a husband and father.

Novel Donations

The Hawk and His Boy

The Hawk and His Boy : Book One of The Tormay Trilogy

The Beginning of an Epic Adventure Jute can break into any house, climb any wall, and steal anything–and he just got hired for what he thinks is an easy burglary job. The only problem is, if he succeeds, the Thieves Guild is going to murder him. He just doesn’t know that. Not yet. Being a thief always came easy for him, but it’s a lot harder now, particularly when everyone wants him dead. Hiding out in the city of Hearne, Jute finds some strange allies in an old wizard and a talking hawk. Together, they uncover an ancient secret of terrifying power. All Jute needs to do is stay alive long enough to figure out why’s there’s a price on his head, why a deadly shadow is stalking him, and why the Dark is haunting his dreams. Also, why on earth is the wind talking to him? The Hawk And His Boy is the first book of The Tormay Trilogy. The trilogy continues with The Shadow At The Gate, and concludes with The Wicked Day.


The Shadow at the Gate : The Tormay Trilogy Book Two

The Shadow at the Gate : The Tormay Trilogy Book Two

The Shadows are Searching… The assassin Ronan hunts through the city of Hearne, desperate to find the young thief Jute. But there are greater powers at work, and both Ronan and Jute are unwitting pawns in an ancient struggle of deadly importance. Captured and imprisoned in the catacombs beneath the city of Hearne, Jute frantically attempts to break out of his dungeon before it’s too late. On the run, tracked by shadows and shadowhounds, Jute and his friends flee the city for the wilderness of the north. All the while, the wind is coming alive inside of him. But, before Jute can figure out how to unleash its power, he needs to learn how to fly. Even more important, he must learn who his enemy is and what it is plotting in the darkness. The epic fantasy saga that began with The Hawk and His Boy, and continued with The Shadow at the Gate, concludes with The Wicked Day.


The Wicked Day : The Tormay Trilogy Book Three

The Wicked Day : The Tormay Trilogy Book Three

The Darkness Awakes… Tracking the kidnappers of Giverny Farrow, Jute and his friends discover the Dark is on the march. A long-forgotten enemy has emerged from the pages of history. The land of Tormay must be warned in time before it is too late. In the city of Hearne, Owain Gawinn desperately tries to ready his forces for the coming battle. Little does he know that treachery is stirring within the gates. Tormay teeters on the brink of war, and the duchies look to Jute as their last hope. But there is an ancient evil waking that even all the power of the wind cannot hope to defeat. With the hawk, the cantankerous ghost and the assassin Ronan at his side, can Jute save Tormay? On one final, stormy day, the fate of the land will depend on his choice…

What Other’s Are Saying About The Tormay Trilogy

“I read this series as individual books and absolutely loved them. Mr. Bunn’s world is engaging, his characters are cleverly written, and more than once, I found myself unable to put the books down before sleep overwhelmed me. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an outstanding writing style (including grammar), well-written characters, and an expansive world. This trilogy left me wanting to experience more in the world of Tormay.” – Steve

“Christopher Bunn is one of the most imaginative new authors I’ve come across in a long time. The series grabs your attention with the first scene – why would you need to “understand” a wall? Fully developed characters, an intelligent plot, beautifully written and totally enjoyable…Very glad I read it, and this will be a trilogy that will be re-read.” – Collector Judy Y

“Phenomenal!! There isn’t any other way to describe this trilogy.Unlike many other series the books just got better and better (and very hard to put down if I might add). Full of wonderful descriptions, thrilling advertures, and surprising heroes that continiously face danger in the face of darkness that lurks in every corner. This series captured me and held me till the very end, I absolutely loved it!!! A thousand thumbs up to Christopher Bunn who along with his astounding writting skills and remarkable imagination has created a series truly worth reading!!!” – DianaSakioti

Other Books By Christopher Bunn

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The Tormay Trilogy is also available in Italian HERE

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