Carolyn Steele

9f0f5aaaba290ac1d18836.L._V143899349_SX200_Carolyn was born and bred in London, England and is almost a Cockney. After completing a postgraduate degree in Psychology she defected to the real world and spent ten years driving an ambulance around London’s seedier quarters. She has also earned her living teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers, proofreading accountancy exams, copy editing for not-for-profit organisations and decorating wedding cakes.

She was inspired to write after a brief foray into the world of stand-up comedy. Filling whole rooms with the silence of people smiling inwardly, punctuated by an occasional titter, it occurred to her that much inward smiling and the occasional titter might be disastrous for a comic but would be relative success for a writer. The inspiration to begin came on the day she saw a Canadian small ad. to work as an immigrant caregiver for two years, she realised that such a journey away from the familiar would be a good time to make a start.

Now Canadian citizens, she and her son Ben have settled permanently in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, where the adventures began. Immigration decreed that the only legal way back into the country was to pretend to be an entrepreneur and buy a business; she therefore spent her first five years running a splendidly huge B&B which offered sufficient bizarre happenings and strange characters to populate another book. The stress took its toll however and after realising she was turning into Basil Fawlty, Carolyn sold the B&B and took to the road in an 18-wheeler. It seemed like a good way to see more of North America.

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Trucking in English

Trucking in English

Almost Ice Road Truckers, except for the tulip bulbs… “So here’s the plan. I’m going to train to drive a truck and go long-haul. I can get paid and maybe write a book at the same time. What do you reckon?” “Go for it Mum, how bad can it be?” This is the tale of what happens when a middle-aged mum from England decides to actually drive 18-wheelers across North America instead of just dreaming about it. From early training (when it becomes apparent that negotiating 18 wheels and 13 gears involves slightly more than just learning how to climb in) this rookie overcomes self-doubt, infuriating companions and inconsiderate weather to become a real trucker. She learns how to hit a moose correctly and how to be hijacked. She is almost arrested in Baltimore Docks and survives a terrifying winter tour of The Rockies. Nothing goes well, but that’s why there’s a book. Trucking in English began as a blog from the cab and became a popular podcast before taking book form. It is part of Carolyn’s ‘Armchair Emigration’ series.

What Other’s Are Saying About Trucking in English
“This is a genuinely funny book, the hilarious story of an ex-pat truck-driving woman; a not-so-innocent abroad. Well-written and witty, this book tickles the same parts that Bill Bryson reaches, and in much the same way. Buy it. You’ll love it.” – Michael Hargreave Mawson

“Although I am not English, or Canadian for that matter, this is one of the best books I have read for some time. Carolyn writes an absorbing tale detailing the travails of an English lady breaking into the testosterone fueled world of truckers with wit, aplomb and no small amount of humour. From beginning to end an absorbing and addictive book. Buy it, you won’t regret it.” – Fungus

“I have never laughed so hard, the memories this book brought back…hanging from the hood ornament (while trying to open the “bonnet”), backing into impossible places, lack of food and sleep. the list is endless.” – Cynthia J. Smith

Other Books By Carolyn Steele

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