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About our friends at Bards and Sages Publishing


Bards and Sages Publishing was founded in 2002 by Julie Ann Dawson.   Faith Carroll serves as our Editorial Director and Cassie Ganzak as Project Coordinator.   Michael DeGroat is our Lead Playtester for our RPG lines.  And then there is our Head of Security … Chewy.

Chewy ... Head of Security

Chewy … Head of Security

Novel Donations

America the Horrific : An Anthology of Horror

America the Horrific : An Anthology of Horror

An empty stretch of highway.
A freak electrical storm.
A bus full of strangers.
And a mysterious bus driver with a rather peculiar agenda.

America the Horrific: An Anthology of Horror presents eleven tales of terror in the tradition of classic storytelling. When a freak storm strands a bus on a deserted stretch of highway, the passengers find themselves suddenly “disconnected” from the world. To pass the time, the driver encouragest each passenger share something about their hometown … but only if it is something scary.

The passengers soon learn that, despite their differences, they do share one thing in common: their shared world is a very scary place.

A Game of Blood

A Game of Blood

What would you do if a 300 year old vampire decided that you would make the perfect Van Helsing for his own twisted game?

A series of bizarre kidnappings leads detective Mitch Grogan to the home of the wealthy and eccentric Darius Hawthorne. What he discovers there unleashes a chain of events that not only threatens his life, but also his sanity. Grogan finds himself caught up in a deadly game with a three hundred year old vampire looking for a worthy adversary. But how can a burnt-out cop with a crumbling marriage compete against a centuries’ old immortal with unlimited resources and supernatural powers?

More than boredom drives the cunning Hawthorne, however. His attempts to push Grogan to the breaking point are more than cruel entertainment. They also serve as a test to see whether or not the mortal is ready to help him hunt an even more deadly foe:  one that would see the whole world burn to remove the vampiric corruption from it.

Kindle edition includes the bonus short story “Dames and Games” at the conclusion of the novel.

Return of the Dead Men (and Women) Walking

Return of the Dead Men (and Women) Walking

The undead return with more strange, terrifying, and bizarre tales of the unlife beyond life. Zombies, ghouls, vampires, and other things that should not be shamble through the pages of this anthology. Among the tales told:

An old gunslinger and a horse thief hunt down a rather peculiar prize that does more than haunt them in “Bring Me The Head Of Pepe Cortez!”

The competition at the Annual Southeastern Necromancer’s Invitational proves to be a real killer in “Deadest in Show.”

How much of a body can you replace and life still be life? A man desperate to save his wife confronts this question in “Fixing Nancy”

Disclaimer : Books which have been donated by an individual author, company or the like have been neither vetted nor reviewed for content and have been submitted at the discretion of the writer.  Likewise, the intellectual property of the writer is neither endorsed by nor a reflection of Authors For Wounded Warriors, the Admin, Guns ‘n’ Hoses Charity Hockey Game nor the Wounded Warrior Project.


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