Arno Joubert

0fdd771c9d730a7f02350a.L._V402355245_Arno Joubert (1973 – ) was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

He studied to become a doctor, but fainted after witnessing his first Cesarean. Unfortunately the trend continued whenever he saw blood or open wounds; so he decided to become a computer specialist instead (less gore).

After climbing the corporate ladder, he started his own company, and has been an I.T. entrepreneur for the past 12 years. His company web site is available at

Arno loves animals, traveling, scuba, overlanding and the great outdoors. To connect with Arno, please visit his “hobby” site at Subscribe as a member to receive the latest updates on his books, or send him a mail at

Novel Donations

Fatal Season One

Fatal Season One

So you want to meet the female Jack Reacher? Well, allow me to introduce you to Alexa Guerra.

Meet Alexis Guerra. Circumstances beyond her control have forced her to become a killer, the perfect assassin. And now she is hellbent on revenge against those who are hunting her.

Zachary Cohen is one of the good guys.

A skilled computer programmer, there’s not a code he can’t break, a firewall he can’t defeat. He’s a captain in the Israeli military who takes on some of the world’s most unscrupulous criminals. And in that capacity, he works alongside the most talented and best-equipped agents in the world.

Until he uses his skills against his own, and they turn on him.

When Zach hacks into his government’s system and uncovers evidence of secret (and illegal) financial dealings by operatives in high places, he puts his life and the lives of his wife and daughter on the line.

Bruce Bryden – a Mossad Operative with a love for the African bush. As Rhino poaching reaches endemic proportions on the Southern tip of the African continent, a fateful confluence of circumstances places him in the firing line of the Dalerians, a ruthless conglomerate of mercenaries, corrupt government officials and unscrupulous politicians who will stop at nothing to get their hands on BIG money. Blood money, that is.

Neil Allen is a disgraced US Marine with the stigma of a dishonourable discharge hanging around his neck. Will his eternal quest for the truth lead to his ultimate demise, or will he find redemption in the arms of a beautiful assassin?

In this military espionage thriller, assassinations, suicides by military officers, explosions, and double-crosses lay the foundation for the exposition of the Dalerian Conspiracy.

65,000 Words.


Fatal Season Two

Fatal Season Two

Inspired by the same indomitable character created by Lee Child, Alexa Guerra takes no prisoners, hates bullies and doesn’t suffer fools.

Andy Fitch has the perfect life. A rich oil billionaire, having recently been chosen as the Texas businessman of the year, he leads a charmed life. But all great men have their vices.

Andy Fitch loves snuff movies.

Interpol suspects that he’s downloading these illegal porn films. They despatch two agents to investigate the man, but they soon disappear. Captain Alexa Guerra and Sergeant Neil Allen need to find them, soon.

They visit Fitch’s hometown called Dabbort Creek where they uncover a plot so sinister, it threatens to bring America’s economy to a grinding halt. Millions will lose everything they own, and Anderson Fitch will add billions to his bank balance.

Anderson Fitch needs to eliminate the threat that Guerra and Allen pose. So he decides to make his own real-life snuff film, starring Alexa Guerra and Neil Allen.

Will Alexa and Neil finally overcome a past that haunts them both to be together? Will they be able to stop a sick psychopath wo wants to rule the world and wouldn’t hesitate to wipe them off the face of the earth?

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of mystery, hand-to-hand combat, bar fights and assassination attempts, with a final twist in the tale that will make you come back for more.

78,000 words.

Other Books By Arno Joubert


The individual episodes of his Final Season serials are available on HERE

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