Anne E. Johnson

9d99f32404550a7f023586.L._V171789803_Anne E. Johnson is the author of these novels:

– Tween paranormal mystery EBENEZER’S LOCKER (MuseItUp)
– Noir sci fi GREEN LIGHT DELIVERY (Candlemark & Gleam)
– Tween medieval mystery TROUBLE AT THE SCRIPTORIUM (Royal Fireworks)

Drawing on her eclectic background, which includes degrees in classical languages and musicology, Anne E. Johnson has published in a wide variety of topics and genres. She’s written non-fiction books for children with the Rosen Group and feature articles for adults in serials such as The New York Times and Stagebill Magazine.

As the author of nearly thirty published short stories, she has won writing prizes for both children’s and adults’ short fiction. For a complete list of her publications, please visit her website,

Anne lives in Brooklyn with her husband, playwright Ken Munch.

My website:
Twitter @AnneEJohnson
Facebook author page:
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Green Light Delivery

Green Light Delivery

Webrid is a carter, like his mother and grandfather before him. It’s not glamorous work, but it mostly pays the bills, and it gives him time to ogle the sexy women on the streets of Bexilla’s capital. Mostly, he buys and sells small goods and does the occasional transport run for a client. Then he gets mugged by a robot. Now, with a strange green laser implanted in his skull and a small fortune deposited in his bank account, Webrid has to make the most difficult delivery of his life. He doesn’t know who his client is, or what he’s carrying, but he knows that a whole lot of very dangerous people are extremely interested in what’s in his head. Literally. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. With the help of some truly alien friends, a simple carter will journey across worlds to deliver his cargo. And hopefully keep his head in the process.

What Other’s Are Saying About Green Light Delivery
“I found myself captured right away with these creatures descriptions from the very beginning.” – Reesa 

“The worlds are wonderfully drawn and the characters are priceless, especially Webrid.” – Mary E. Bubenzer

“In this thoroughly enjoyable, fast-moving tale, both Webrid and his unexpected interplanetary mission (the green light delivery of the title) are full of surprises.” – DPG in Queens, NY

Other Books By Anne E. Johnson

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