Alice Ayden

b3ade0ef2c010a7e9d9a9a.L._V394707563_Alice Ayden has a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence where she learned how to profile terrorists and other perpetrators. With her computer certifications in digital forensics and computer security she was able to combine her love of profiling and computers into writing a paper profiling hackers. She loves to combine all her various interests into writing, and Alice has placed finalist and semi-finalist in several screenwriting competitions. She has recently turned her attention to writing novels.
She loves Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Dean Koontz, Joss Whedon, puzzles, animals, computer games (everything from FPS to casual), digital forensics, research, movies, lurking, ranting and a million other things. Writing through chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, food allergies, migraines, a very irritating root canal and pneumonia, Alice puts her heart and soul into writing despite her various health quirks.

Novel Donation

Missing 6 : A Misplaced Jane Mystery

Missing 6 : A Misplaced Jane Mystery

Previously named Malum.

6 Missing Months. 6 Missing Women. An unspeakable crime. A dangerous flirtation. A quirky mystery. Jane should have forgotten the past. Some memories can kill.

Jane lives with her quirky family on a Virginia Plantation thinking life is about maintaining Ausmor Plantation’s website and flirting with the rich, handsome Byron and the rugged handyman, Alexander. Fifty miles away, Jane’s old friend, Meg, is a perpetually late nursing student who dashes into an alley to avoid her landlady – among the many people she’s irritated – but she meets a serial killer and wakes up chained in a cellar.

When Jane has flashbacks of being trapped with Meg in the cellar, she realizes locked within her amnesia is the hope of saving the missing women who have disappeared in the last few months. When Jane discovers her sister is one of the missing, the killer taunts Jane with a simple choice: save her sister or Meg.

What Other’s Are Saying About Missing 6 

“This author offers a very unique writing style and the story is very Imaginative. I look forward to more books by this writer.” – Raina


“I have read her other works and she has shown growth as a writer with Malum. I loved the suspense. Great job!” – Kaz

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