A Minor Modification

Hey All!

I’m adding a little twist to submissions to include “gifted” Amazon titles as well.

It’s been brought to my attention that not all authors have access to .mobi files of their books and I know how that goes, I don’t have access to my first novel in .mobi either.  So, to simplify things, you can now “gift” copies via Amazon to be included.

To proceed with this, please send the book(s) you wish to offer to:

ashley (at) ashleymacklerpaternostro (dot) com.

The Kindle is now registered to my e-mail and remain registered until March 22nd when submissions close. (And yes, your books will remain on the Kindle even after Kindle has been de-registered … thank you, Betsy, for that information!)

I want to thank you all, once again, for making this such an amazing (and busy!) experience for me.  As the donations continue to roll in, I continue to stand in awe of your amazing novels and generosity.




2 thoughts on “A Minor Modification

  1. richmeyerwriter says:

    Umm … Unless I’m greatly mistaken, while the gifted ebooks will be there after the Kindle is unregistered, but they won’t be able to be read by the new owner, who would be using a different account from yours. As far as I know, even if there’s no DRM involved (when the author first uploads his ebook to Kindle KDP), they still can only be read by the original purchaser. Unless something has changed recently, that’s the way things used to work on Kindles/Kindle Fires.

    If any author wants to convert their html book file to a mobi file quickly and easily, download the free program Calibre. That works like a charm for almost any ebook format. If anyone needs help converting books, I’d be glad to help out (vigilante407@gmail.com).

    • ashmp says:

      Hi Rich,

      This was actually one of the first questions posed by writers who wanted to “gift” book rather then send a .mobi file.

      I consulted this page: http://www.amazon.com/forum/kindle?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1D7SY3BVSESG&cdThread=Tx3T9BZFLMBWXM7

      As well as Betsy to figure out what would happen if I opened up the donation process a little further…

      Here is what I’ve learned:

      The books uploaded onto a Kindle via the “gifting” from Amazon will remain on the device UNTIL the book is manually deleted OR the factory setting restored on the device (this is up to the owner of the Kindle, and they can do as they please, though I can’t imagine why they would!). I will simply be de-regestering the Kindle NOT returning it to it’s factory setting … ergo, the books — both .mobi and “gifted” stay.

      It’s a great point to bring up and was my primary concern, which is why initially I didn’t accept “gifted” books. But there have been authors who didn’t have access to their .mobi files and this was the best compromise I could come up with.

      Thank you so much for your offer to help … I genuinely appreciate it!

      Best Always,

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