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March 30th — the auction

Hey there everyone!

So, a few authors have wondered if I’ll be announcing the name of the winner and the final bid.  Of course, I want to address to publicly so you all know what you can expect from me…

I believe in transparency, but I also have to adhere to the rules and guidelines of the event.  I’m not sure, at this moment, if I will be allowed to discuss the winner or the final, winning bid.  But please know, I will make all the efforts to ask for permission so that we can all celebrate the success of this project — I’m not shy!

The auction itself runs from about noon CTS until the early evening.  There are 3 charity games played and then the Wolves game.  Last year, the auction was an all day affair.  I will be tweeting from the Allstate Arena all day.  If you’re interested in following along, seeing pictures and the like, please follow me on twitter:


And sign up for alerts on this blog!




The Final Push & Musa Publishing


Today is the final push for donations.  If you’ve donated and do not see your name on the site, don’t worry — I’ve been holding back on further updates until this evening.

I’d like to take a moment and give a BIG thank you to the folks over at Musa Publishing (and especially Kerry Mand) for the incredible donation I received in the mail yesterday!  I am in awe of your generosity, and so grateful!

So, final day … if you’re donating, please make an effort to do so shortly!



Happy First Day of Spring & The Final 48

…Though, to be honest, it feels nothing like spring here in Chicago.  A balmy 20 degrees (ha!) and sunny — all right, the sun helps…just a little.

Just a gentle reminder:

We’re two days away from closing submissions (to those of whom I’ve spoken with via e-mail about a delay, or if you’re expecting a print book to ship to me, no worries — you’re fine).  But, for most digital submission, the end date is March 22, 11:59pm CST.

I honestly hate to do cut this off, you all have been so kind and continue to be.  If I could, I’d accept books up until the morning of … but I know that the final week will be a lot of putting together the “printables” for the event and finalizing the counts.  Regrettably, those are simply things I cannot put off as they will be time-consuming and laborsome.

Thanks again everyone!



When did it get to be 10 o’clock at night?

For the past two hours I’ve been adding a disclaimer to each of your pages, it reads :

Disclaimer : Books which have been donated by an individual author, company or the like have been neither vetted nor reviewed for content and have been submitted at the discretion of the writer.  Likewise, the intellectual property of the writer is neither endorsed by nor a reflection of Authors For Wounded Warriors, the Admin, Guns ‘n’ Hoses Charity Hockey Game nor the Wounded Warrior Project.

The point is to protect you, me and the charities involved.  It’s something I should have done early on, neglected to do and was left playing catch up, so if you see it and wonder ‘hmm, where did that come from?’… now you know.  Thank you for understanding.

Good night all!


A Minor Modification

Hey All!

I’m adding a little twist to submissions to include “gifted” Amazon titles as well.

It’s been brought to my attention that not all authors have access to .mobi files of their books and I know how that goes, I don’t have access to my first novel in .mobi either.  So, to simplify things, you can now “gift” copies via Amazon to be included.

To proceed with this, please send the book(s) you wish to offer to:

ashley (at) ashleymacklerpaternostro (dot) com.

The Kindle is now registered to my e-mail and remain registered until March 22nd when submissions close. (And yes, your books will remain on the Kindle even after Kindle has been de-registered … thank you, Betsy, for that information!)

I want to thank you all, once again, for making this such an amazing (and busy!) experience for me.  As the donations continue to roll in, I continue to stand in awe of your amazing novels and generosity.



Congratulations to Elizabeth Norris

Congratulations to Elizabeth Norris on the recent publication of her novella Undone : An Unraveling Novella (HarperTeen Impulse)

Elizabeth was kind enough to gift Authors For Wounded Warriors a copy of latest release and I wish her much success with her amazing novella.

Congratulations to J.C Rainier

Congratulations J.C Rainier on the publication of your new novel Columbus : Ashes.  

J.C was generous enough to gift a copy of his latest novel to Authors For Wounded Warriors and I wish him much success with his newest book!


The ABOUT page & other housekeeping

Good morning A4WW!

How’s everyone adjusting to Daylight Savings Time?  For me, it’s a slow transition, encouraged on by lots of Columbian coffee and maybe a nap or two until I somehow manage to adjust the good ol’ body-clock.


It’s been brought to my attention that, as our page grows, it’s becoming harder to locate the ABOUT page in the ever-expanding header.  (Just encase you’re wondering : it’s in the top right) … but for the sake of simplicity, I’m including a direct link here as well :


On the ABOUT page you can find all the need-to-knows about donating, what particular donations get you and the like.  Hopefully this helps.

Also, this was a big shopping weekend for me.  Part of the package is the Kindle, obviously, but in order to encourage high bids I want to make it look as adorable and swoon-worthy as possible.  Everyone likes to open to a lovely package — right?

Having been to the auction myself last year … and having bid (and won) a few items, I know the prettiest packages garner the most interest from the passing crowds.  People get excited about pretty — common knowledge.   I won’t tell you what I’ve come up with … it will be a surprise … but stay tuned for pictures!

Okay, and one more thing.  Some donors ask what more they can do.  The first thing, as I’ve mentioned before, is to spread the word.  Our community tends to be a pretty tight-knit one, so if you have other author buddies you can call upon, that is MUCH appreciated.

The other thing is more recent …

If any individuals/companies have any interest in making cash or gift donations that is also MUCH appreciated.  We’ve already received a very generous gift card to Amazon, but we’re open to more of any donation value at all — gift cards are never combined, so if you make a donation of that, you get a special one with the image of your choice.  Also, anything Kindle or book-related.  Maybe you have a stack of book-marks, or some left over swag from a promotion or book signing … maybe you’re crafty and make covers for Kindle and would like to donate.  I’m truly wide open.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but if anyone is interested in doing a little something more, I’d thought I would put it out there.

Thanks all and have the day you have!



107 Books!

Good Morning A4WW!

This morning we surpassed 100 books donated!  I am stunned.  I thought maybe we’d get 25-30 books … never did I imagine triple digits … so this is a pretty great moment for me, and I owe it all to you!

Many of you have asked what more you can do in the e-mails I’ve received … and while I am so appreciative of every donation made, there is still room for more.  I’d ask of you this:  If you have a social network you belong to with other writers, share this page with them.  Submissions will close officially on March 22nd.

Thank you everyone for helping to make this such a success.



Another Way to Get Involved!

Good Morning A4WW!

75543_10151540378752269_835716240_nJust a few hours ago I was told about a special organization working to help restock the libraries effected by Hurricane Sandy. As you probably already know, the hurricane devastated the East Coast of the United States late in 2012.  As the rebuilding begins, one of the lesser known needs is books.  Libraries, like homes and other businesses, were effected and they too need help stocking the shelves as they reclaim a sense of normalcy.

This venture was started by author K.S Brook and has gone on to amass more than sixty writers ready and willing to donate physical copies of their novels.  How amazing is our community?

To get involved please visit :

Indie Authors For Hurricane Sandy Library Recovery

It’s my understanding that every genre of book is being accepted, and that your donation can be as large or as small as you can afford.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get your title into libraries and also help a cause worth supporting.